"Absolute Tranquility is the perfect place to relax and let go of all that gives you a head ache! After a hot rock session all is well with the world"
~ Joanne Mitchell

"Kristina always goes the extra mile to accommodate her clients, and always delivers a terrific treatment"
~Traci Bradford

"Kristina has been my therapist for 9 years........she truly reflects the spirit of Absolute Tranquility. She is caring, experienced, and very professional. Kristina thank you for years of wonderful treatments." ~ Marie Costa

"Kristina, thanks for keeping me going and putting the pieces back together after bike crashes and snowboard falls"
~ Terri Carilli, - extreme athlete

"Seems my right shoulder has been a bit of a problem, a lot of discomfort, but nothing that keeps me awake at night. Having neglected my body badly for 4 years of teaching, I've been working on it every day. Easy range of motion exercises and very light weights, but really not much improvement. But after our last session, the level of discomfort dropped tons. I really think you made the difference and I don't think it's the massage technique but the generous giving of your spirit, Mrs. Tranquility."
~ Thank you. Ron Pisciotta

"People are always trying to get in touch with beauty. Its amazing when beauty touches you." ~ anonymous

" Kristina put me in a zone like I've never been before and my muscles feel fabulous!"
~ Jen Salvatoriello - Infant massage instructor

"Kristina has magic in her hands - her treatments supply immediate calm and have a lasting effect on ones body mind and spirit. Thank you Kristina."
~ Annika Shepard