"I believe that each client deserves a customized treatment depending on their personal and professional lifestyle. I incorporate many years of massage & fitness experience into each treatment. I have a strong belief that exercise, proper nutrition combined with regular massage are three very important aspects in maintaining a strong healthy balance."

~Kristina Breslin

RELAXATION MASSAGE ~ Focuses on kneading the muscle with long light, gliding strokes, combined with gentle movement of the joints. May also include a face and scalp massage. The ultimate in relaxation.

SPORTS MASSAGE ~ More invigorating, This treatment includes rocking and shaking the arms and legs. Compression movements are performed on the belly of the muscle to help release toxins. This treatment may also include gentle stretching. Great for all athletic abilities.

DEEP TISSUE ~ Deep finger pressure is applied to specific tight areas of the muscle to release tension.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE ~ This treatment focuses on the needs of the mom-to-be. Support pillows are used for her comfort. (Occasional permission from doctor is needed.)

AROMATIC MASSAGE ~ An aromatic balm is used in place
of massage cream. This blend of herbal scents is used to
promote circulation. It is a wonderful way to pamper all
the senses.

LA STONE THERAPY ~ While the client is laying on heated stones the therapist is using other heated stones to give a deep penetrating Swedish massage. This will bring you to a new level of relaxation. (Not recommended for pregnant clients.)

HERBAL FACE MASSAGE ~ A simple facial massage that tones, nourishes and stimulated the face and scalp. Excellent for anyone who wants to indulge. Great treatment to combine with other services.

SPA REFLEXOLOGY ~ Stress is relieved by applying pressure to certain areas of the foot. This mini reflexology treatment is a great way to spoil your feet.

EXFOLIATING FOOT MASSAGE ~ The feet are softened by wrapping them in towels that have been steeped in a hot therapeutic herbal blend. Then they are gently scrubbed using aromatic exfoliating cleansing creams, followed by massaging moisturizing lotion onto the feet. leaving the feet soft and silky. Clients will relax and drift off as their feet are being pampered. Also great to combine with other services.

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